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Title: House Of Payne: Rude
Series: House of Payne #4
Author: Stacy Gail
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: September 21, 2015


The Last Thing She Wanted…

From the moment Sass Stone overheard her social worker call her “broken,” she’s been hell-bent on proving her wrong. A broken woman doesn't have a posse of kickass friends, a foodie lover’s dream job and a string of pretty boys she enjoys playing with. Sure, she has scars, but they’re buried so far down no one even knows they’re there. Certainly her former foster brother, Rudolfo Panuzzi doesn’t know about them. The man she’d dubbed “Rude” could sniff around all he wanted, but it wasn’t going to get him anywhere. He’d never get inside—her pants, or her heart.

…Was The One Thing She Needed

A dozen years and several combat tours in the Marines has a way of maturing a man, and Rude is no exception. His last mission killed his closest friends and almost killed him, leaving him with wounds on both body and soul. When he looks in the mirror, the haunted eyes staring back remind him far too much of his sexy little foster sister, Sass. That’s when he knows there’s more to her than he ever imagined… and he’s imagined one hell of a lot.

When Want And Need Collide

One by one, Rude destroys the defenses that have kept Sass locked inside herself. But even as she reluctantly allows him to coax her out of her shell, a dark cloud casts its shadow on their world. Is it something from his past… or hers?

***This is the fourth book in the House Of Payne series, but each book can be read as a standalone. Not intended for readers under the age of 18 due to adult language and sexual content***

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The upside for Sass in throwing down the gauntlet was watching the surprise bloom in Rude’s eyes.

The downside was watching him pick it up.

“About time you gave me some kind of response.” The satisfaction in his tone unnerved her far more than any hostility ever could. “I was beginning to think you were slow on the uptake.”

“So you admit it. You admit to fucking with me. Good for you.” She nodded, a mocking tilt of her head designed to piss off a saint. “At least you’ve got the balls to own up to it. The question is why.”

He slow-blinked. “Why am I fucking with you?”


“Oh shit, my bad. You are slow on the uptake.” With a sigh that held a world of patience, Rude pushed to his feet. “Okay, fair enough. I guess I’ll have to show you. Get up for a second.”

Confused all over again and not sure what he could possibly show her to make his motives clear, she did as he asked, setting aside her napkin and rising from her chair just as he came around to her side of the table. Before she was prepared for it, his arms closed around her and his lips descended to cover hers.


That was the last conscious thought she had before the world as she knew it went up in flames.

His arms were like a cage around her, holding her as if he expected her to make a break for it. The logical side of her brain insisted that was exactly what she should do, but Rude’s lips on hers negated all logic.

It negated it because he felt so unbelievably good.

The best part about his kiss was that he wasn’t at all shy about it. His mouth boldly took possession of hers as if he’d waited his whole life to do it. No, the best part about his kiss was the way he slanted his mouth against hers in search of the perfect fit.

Then his lips opened hers, and she decided then that the caress of his tongue was the absolute best part. He was openly seductive in how he invaded her mouth, as if he wanted to woo and dazzle her with every stroke. It had to be working, because she was pushing feverishly against him without conscious thought. But she couldn’t help herself. If he’d wanted to woo and dazzle her, he had succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

A big hand slid under her hair to cradle the back of her head. He held her in place as he deepened the pressure, and the barely contained passion in his intensity became the best part. She stood on her tiptoes in response, a mindless move to lose herself in the heat of him while her fingers dug into the fabric covering his back.

If he’d been naked, her fingernails would have left marks.

Author Bio

A competitive figure skater from the age of eight, Stacy Gail wrote stories between events to pass the time. By fourteen, she told her parents she was either going to be a skating coach who was also a romance writer, or a romance writer who was also a skating pro. Now with a day job of playing on the ice with her students, and writing everything from PNR and cyberpunk to contemporary romance at night, both dreams have come true.

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Protecting Shaylee (Book 1)

As a child, I believed in the fairytales my father told me.
Until he was gone and with him, that belief.
As a girl, I believed in the friendship and protection of Aden.
He made me begin to believe again.
As a woman, I believed in the possibility of love and passion between myself and Aden.
Until he was gone and with him, my belief in magic and happy endings.


When she was a child, I was tasked with her protection.
As a girl, I became her friend.
As a woman, I could no longer see the child I knew and was forced to fight a growing attraction.
Unable to lie and unable to tell the truth, I left.
Now I’ve returned to give the knowledge I couldn’t before, that she is half Fae.
The darkness is stalking her and I am desperate to teach her what she needs to know to protect herself.
And determined to make her mine.

**Recommended for 18+ due to sexual content and language


Protecting Shaylee by Elle Christensen is a nice start to the Fae Guard Series. Shaylee is a Fae, a half fairy who is just learning her true heritage. She is lost in this new world without the help of Aden, the guy who’s always protected her. He goes from protector to lover in one swoop, and helps understand what she is going through.

Shaylee struck me as an inquisitive girl who really tried to make the most of her situation while Aden was a typical Alpha male trying to protect his woman. I loved their banter and it was great to watch the progression from friendship to relationship with enough suspense to keep me going. The only issue I had was it was billed as a paranormal. Normally I like my paranormal to have animals, but I was excited to see how she took the fairy aspect but to be honest this read as more of an amped up version of humans as opposed to actually being a paranormal romance. It felt like the author was really trying to make it like something familiar, pointing out several times how it was exactly like humans so it didn’t really distinguish itself as a paranormal.


Loving Ean (Book 2)


All of my life, I dreamt of my own fairy tale romance.
Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my soul mate was a lifelong friend.
Ean is everything I want and everything I need.
But, my romance has become a fractured fairy tale.
Ean has pulled away and let his pain engulf him, leaving no room for me.
I want to heal him and bring him back to me.
But, if he won’t let me, I will move on.
I will find another destiny.

Laila is the best part of me, the light in my soul.
She is my destiny.
I want to give her all that I am, all that I have.
But, the guilt and pain from my mistake has ruined me
I am not worthy of her and I will not drag her down into my Hell.
My love for her is forever.
But, she deserves some one who isn’t broken
So, I’ll watch her walk away, into the arms of another.

*Recommended for ages 18+ due to language and sexual content


Loving Ean is the second book in Elle Christensen’s Fae Guard Series, featuring Laila and Ean. It can be read as a standalone but I would recommend reading the first one to provide you with some context. Long story short- Ean and Laila are perfect for each other, but Ean has decided to punish himself because of a situation outside of his control and this story tells the intricate dance they perform trying to handle their feelings.

My heart broke for Ean, who mistakenly took on the weight of every little mistake, even if it wasn’t his fault. Laila had an extreme amount of patience, but it was a little grating how this strong, independent woman kind of lost her backbone when it came to Ean. Also, there were a lot of movie references, sometimes without telling what movie they came from, which got a bit frustrating. It felt like being the only kid who didn’t know what the joke was about. A couple of times weren’t bad, but it was too much. Despite my couple of quirks I enjoyed it. This was a quick, fun read, and I can’t wait for the Hayleigh’s story!

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Protecting Shaylee (Book 1)

Loving Ean (Book 2)

Coming Soon

Chasing Hayleigh

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Protecting Shaylee

Aden leans his back against the wall and grasps my waist, bringing me close until I’m standing within the V of his legs, cradled to his chest. I give in for the moment and snuggle into his heat. He kisses the top of my head, then my forehead, each of my eyes, my nose, and finally, brushes a sweet kiss across my lips. Tucking me back into his chest, he sets his chin on my head and exhales a sigh. “I’ll try to rein it in.” My eyes fly up to his and although I know the words coming from his mouth are sincere, I see it blatantly in his eyes and all my irritation recedes.
His eyes probe mine, and I see the desire lurking in their depths as well. “Despite your stubborn resistance to admitting it out loud, we both know you’re mine. Body, heart, and soul, we belong together. You’re also mine to protect, Shaylee, and I can’t do that if I’m not there. I need you with me like I need air to breathe, baby.”
My lungs are choked with emotion at his words. I want to let go and fall into him completely, but my wounds are still a little raw and I need time for them to heal. I lift my eyes and contemplate what I see in the green jade staring down at me.

“I’m not ready, Aden. I’ll stay close and let you protect me. But, I’m not ready to open up my heart and soul to you. I don’t think I can survive having it broken again.” I place my finger on his lips to keep him from protesting. “Give me time.”
He studies me, searching my face for something, and I know he wants to continue the discussion. My insides uncoil with relief when he brushes his nose against mine and releases me. “Go, baby. Get inside before I throw you over my shoulder and spend the night convincing you. I’ll meet you in the training room around ten in the morning.” He nods toward the door. I back away slowly, open my door, and duck inside. As I close it, I look out again and see Aden watching me longingly. “I’m serious, baby, shut that door right now or you’ll be spending the night without any sleep.” I shake my head in mock exasperation, but grin at him as I shut the door. I lean heavily back on it and my body slides languidly down to the floor. I hear a thump and the sound of fabric rustling. My lips curl up when I realize that Aden is sitting as I am, on the other side of my door.
Aden’s voice is muffled when he groans, “You’d better lock the fucking door, Shaylee.” A giggle escapes my mouth as I stand and flip the lock before I walk away.

Loving Ean

My eyes fly open and I jackknife up in bed, pain searing on my chest. Laila has got ahold of my nipples and she is twisting them tight, shooting pain straight to my belly. What the hell?
“What the fuck, Ean?” She’s screeches. I’m desperately trying to get her to relieve the pressure from her evil little fingers, so I don’t answer right away. This seems to piss her off even more, but to my relief, she releases my abused nubs. I rub my chest gingerly, trying to alleviate some of the pain. She’s once again straddling me, her hands tugging at her hair, clearly freaking out about something. Laila angry is hot as hell. Laila angry while she sits naked, astride my morning hard on? Said hard on has turned into a steel baseball bat.
“Baby, calm down. What’s the matter?” I soothe. I move slightly to try and find a more comfortable spot, but my cock is so hard, it doesn’t matter.
Laila freezes and glares down at the offending appendage. “Seriously?” Her fiery green eyes meet mine, and it does absolutely nothing to help the situation. I do, however, get a little concerned for the future state of my cock when she glances down menacingly. Lucky for us both, she rolls her eyes and climbs off of me, and then the bed.
“It’s morning, baby. You were sitting on me naked. Did you really expect no reaction to that?” Her expression darkens a little but then lets up, because she knows I’m right. “Now, what’s got you so worked up?”
Most likely trying to avoid yelling again, Laila’s mouth clamps shut, her face turning red, and points to a spot on the bed next to me. I look to where she is referring to and see a spot of dried moisture on the sheets. I return my gaze to her, confused, “What? That spot?”
Laila growls in frustration and tugs at her hair once again. “You didn’t use a fucking condom, Ean!”
The realization stuns me. I have never forgotten a condom, not even with Laila. Particularly with Laila, actually. There was no way I was going to get her pregnant and leave, so I’d been extra vigilant. I guess now that I’d decided to be with her, it wasn’t so prevalent on my mind. But, I’m not Aden, (don’t give me that look. I’m not insulting the guy. That he was a total dumbass is fact) I don’t want to get Laila pregnant so she’ll be tied to me just because we are having a kid. I almost shudder at the thought of kids anyway. I want them, don’t get me wrong. Right now, though? The idea scares the shit out of me.
I scrub my hands over my face tiredly; it’s too early in the morning for this shit. “I’m sorry, Laila. I’ve never forgotten before. It had been so long, and you were just so fucking beautiful, I guess I just got carried away. I’m sorry, truly.”
A little of the fire backs away and she looks somewhat mollified. “Well, it’s really a moot point anyway, right? I’m on the pill and it’s not like this will happen again.” Pain knifes through me at her words, but I know I deserve it. I’ll change her mind.

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I’m a lover of all things books, a hopeless romantic, and have always had a passion for writing. Between being a sappy romantic, my love of an HEA, my crazy imagination, and ok, let’s be real, my dirty mind, I fell easily into writing romance.
I’m a huge baseball fan and yet, a complete girly, girl. I’m an obsessive reader and have a slight (hahaha! Slight? Yeah, right) addiction to signed books.
I’m married to my very own book boyfriend, an alpha male with a sexy, sweet side. He is the best inspiration, my biggest supporter and the love of my life. He is also incredibly patient and understanding about the fact that he has to fight the voices in my head for my attention.
I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them!

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Sinful Instincts- Woodland Creek Series


Publication Date: November 15, 2015


Her Sacrifice.
His Revenge.

How far will they go for Redemption?

Emma Waters is no stranger to a world of abandonment.
Growing up on the wrong side of the Foster care system taught her to count on a life without love. That’s until she meets a man who promises to give her what she’s always wanted: someone to belong to. But Emma soon learns that loving someone she barely knows comes at a price and that price just landed her all alone in a strange town.
Since the death of the woman he loved, Roxsin and the beast inside him, crave revenge. He’ll stop at nothing to find his half-brother and make him pay for her murder. The quest for revenge leads him to the mysterious town of Woodland Creek and the end to his search for vengeance. He’s made his plan. He knows how to end this, but what Roxsin never counted on was finding another woman worth killing for.

When the broken-heart former foster kid and the man obsessed with revenge cross paths, the heat and temptation become combustible, but is Emma willing to sacrifice her heart to another? And if Roxsin vows to stop at nothing to get his revenge, at what expense will they both sacrifice for redemption?
As their worlds collide and secrets of a world Emma never could imagine existed, they must decide if redemption is worth the price of revenge and sacrifice.

 About J.D. Hollyfield
J.D.  Hollyfield

Creative designer, mother, wife, writer, part time supehero...
J.D. Hollyfield is a creative designer by day and superhero by night. When she is not trying to save the world one happy ending at a time, she enjoys the snuggles of her husband, son and three doxies. With her love for romance, and head full of book boyfriends, she was inspired to test her creative abilities and bring her own story to life.
Life in a Rut, Love not Included is her Debut Novel. J.D. Hollyfield lives in the Midwest, and is currently at work on blowing the minds of readers, with the additions to the Love not Included series, along with her charm, humor and HEA's.

Website • Blog • Twitter • Facebook • Goodreads

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Title: Switch
Series: Spark #5
Author: Jennifer Ryder
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: September 21, 2015


With an ex fiancĂ© leaving her in debt, breaking up with her girlfriend and struggling to find a place she can afford, Sophie McKenna has hit an all-time low. Everyone thinks she’s a lesbian, and she likes it that way, but her estranged parents know better.

The foul-mouthed motocross mechanic, Rocco De Luca, only has his incarcerated brother left. Every day is a battle of the mind and of the bottle. Tequila and easy women soothe the pain, but they never fill the void.

Rocco doesn’t mind offering his spare room to the hot lesbian he refers to as ‘Suds’. She won’t be clingy, far from it, and he’s keen on the idea of getting to see a bit of girl on girl action.

With such volatile personalities under the same roof, and being in April and Spencer’s wedding party, they both have to learn to get along, even though they can’t stand each other.

He never thought he might actually grow to like her.

She never thought she might actually hate him less.

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If I poke him, will it be like waking an angry bear? I’m tempted, but I won’t. That’d be a bitchy thing to do. We might be living under the same roof, but we lead separate lives. And that’s how I want it. Completely separate. Removed. His business is his, and mine is mine.

I take a step backward and step on something metal. I crouch down and pick up a spoon. I look around underneath the coffee table, and find an empty glass bowl with remnants of green an inch below the rim.

Snatching up the bowl, the cruel absence of what I was planning to eat when I got home tonight mocks me.

The motherfucker ate my jelly.

“Hey,” I bark out with a hard shove to his shoulder.

Rocco grumbles and swings his head back violently, one eye open as he searches me out. “Who the ... what the fuck?” he hisses. Rolling onto his side, he props himself up and falls back into the couch cushions and runs his fingers down his face. His dark brown, almost-black eyes drill me, as he runs his tongue over his bottom teeth. The whites of his eyes are scattered with red, and beads of sweat lace his brow and down the sides of his face. He looks like shit. More accurately, he looks like someone who greedily smashed a bottle of primo tequila last night.

“You ate my jelly,” I say, shoving the bowl towards him.

He shrugs and his lip curls to the side. “I was hungry,” he says with a challenging gaze.

“You were fucking hungry? I haven’t been here even twenty-four hours and you’re helping yourself to my food?”

He scoffs, and I want to punch him in the face.

“It’s jelly,” he says, with a roll of his eyes. “It’s like a dollar or some shit. I’ll buy a packet. Bloody hell, I’ll buy two. No need to get your fuckin’ panties in a bunch.”

He sits up and rakes his fingers back through the longer strands of dark hair on the top of his head. He slouches farther into the couch, one hand scratching at the faded black T-shirt adorning his chest, the other hand sliding between his legs and adjusting himself.

Fucking men.

“I’m not pissed about the fact it costs bugger all. I don’t touch your shit and you don’t touch mine. Got it?”

I turn on my heel, flicking my ponytail over my shoulder. I couldn’t be arsed waiting for his response. I can’t imagine I’ll like it anyway.

“Fine,” he grumbles.

“And would it kill you to put the bloody toilet seat down?” I throw at him as I walk out the door.

His laughter echoes into the stairwell, right before the door slams shut.

 Author Bio

New Adult and erotic romance writer, and author of the Spark series.

A sexy imagination, a life-long love of books and a sucker for romance, Jennifer Ryder couldn't stifle her creativity any longer.

Writing steamy adult romance has become her new focus. Living on a rural property in New South Wales, Australia, she enjoys the best of city and country.

Her loving husband is ever willing to provide inspiration, and her two young cherubs, and sheep that don't see fences as barriers, keep life more than interesting.

Jennifer placed third in the International Stringybark Erotic Short Fiction Award 2013.

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